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Seeing cents (well, pennies)

As a club treasurer or secretary, the club’s finances and understanding upcoming payments are of utmost importance, so you can predict cash flow. Being in-the-know is crucial, and these are figures that are checked frequently, so we’ve made them front-and-centre in Payzip.

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On the dashboard, which is the club organiser’s home screen, we now show:

  • the total overdue and total owed, with a count of invoices for each
  • the total collected, with percentage and amount collected online by card (including mobile payments)
  • the current amount of the next payout to the club, and how much extra is still processing — that is, still being cleared by Stripe before being made available to the club

This dashboard allows our users to immediately understand the club’s financial position with respect to member payments.

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In Payzip, payouts have their own section, so you can easily see the current and historical payouts. Once we process the weekly payout, the new payout entry (at the top of the table) will have a pending tag until the day it clears in the club’s account, to help you track its progress from Stripe to your bank account.

To see everything included in a particular payout, just click the row in the Payouts table. You’ll then get a breakdown of each transaction, showing the member, what the payment was for, the payment, relevant service fee, and balance paid to the club.

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We hope this helps you better plan the cash flow in your club. Is there something else we can do to help? Let us know.

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